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Influencer marketing harnesses the power of word-of-mouth. It’s been around for decades and is best known originally as celebrity endorsements. However, in our modern world, people are bombarded with advertising clutter every day.


  • Consumers no longer trust marketers and are inundated by advertising noise.

  • Consumers no longer trust large celebrity endorsements as they often seem disingenuous.

  • Consumers are more likely to take recommendations from their friends and family.

  • Consumers look to social media influencers for inspiration before making purchasing decisions.


Consumers want trust, credibility and authentic advocacy.

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we do

  • We specialise in finding the right influencers that align with your brand values.

  • We then leverage their influence within their following to create awareness & advocacy amongst your target audience.

  • We are experts in developing & implementing successful concepts & strategies to achieve your brands goals & objectives.

  • We focus on nano & micro influencers who are real people, who have smaller followings yet more highly engaged audiences & the ability to drive conversations online.

  • We believe in extensive tracking, measuring & reporting for optimal ROI.

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how influencer marketing can benefit your business

increase brand awareness

increase brand engagement

increase conversions & sales

increase campaign performance

increase SEO

increase brand loyalty

our story

Grounded in friendship, we are a team of marketing professionals with more than 20 years combined experience in the marketing and advertising industry.


Our vision is to shape the Influencer marketing industry by ensuring authentic messaging and experiences for brands and consumers.


We want to help our clients grow their businesses & achieve their goals & objectives through great work.


Equally, we believe in making a difference in the youth of South Africa by supporting and enabling them through providing a platform for employment and growth.


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